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Eagles Athletics

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Eagles Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

3.0 years ago @ 4:27PM

Picture Day

Picture Day is March 1st, 2019. Our picture time is 3:00, meet in the lobby.

You can use the link below to order pictures online:

Team News

3.0 years ago @ 1:38PM

2019 Girls Lacrosse Tryout Information

Thank you for your interest in the Liberty Girls Lacrosse Program. We are excited for the upcoming 2019 season!

Required Forms:

1. Current VHSL Physical- Must be dated after May 1st, 2018. Be sure to complete the entire form (4 pages), including all required signatures. VHSL Physical forms can be found online at or outside of the athletic trainer room.

EXCEPTION: If you have alresdy submitted your physical to play another sport at Liberty this school year, you are exempt form bringing this form.

2. FCPS Concussion History Form and FCPS Acknowledgement of Concussion Policy form signed front and back. These forms can be found outside of the athletic trainer room or at 

3. Freshman, Juniors, or if you are new to LHS sports, you must take an IMPACT Concussion test prior to tryouts. Test will be offered on Feb 7th, 12th, & 14th. Report to the AT room right after school. See Coach Carter to sign up to take the test.

It is important to note that girls can not  tryout until their paperwork is complete. Tryouts can not be made up for individuals who do not submit all completed forms. 


If you are injured/ill/have limited participation during our 5 day tryout schedule, on a case-by-case scenario, your tryout dates MIGHT be able to be moved.

-In case of injury or ANY limitations that may impede you from 100% tryout particiipation, the student-athlete should report to the Athletic Trainer for sports treatment (If you are injured NOW, please see the trainer to start a treatment plan in order to work towards being tryout ready by February 18th. Please do not show up on the first day with an injury that could have been addressed prior to tryouts). If you are injured or have any limitations, you must bring a note from the trainer listing your condition, treatment plan, and what your limited participation is.

Tryout Schedule and Format:

Tryout Duration/Times

5 days- Monday Feb.18th - Friday Feb. 22nd / 3PM-5PM

Check in 3PM Monday in the side gym to collect paperwork

Athletes will be issued a number that is to be worn throughout the tryout process. The numbers will be used to keep track of each player and their assesment.

Each team (JV & Varsity) will select approximately 18-22 girls.

Tryout Equipment/ Appropriate Clothing Requirements:

- Cleats AND Running Shoes (we often switch surfaces turf/track/indoor)


- Stick (If you are in need of a stick to use for tryouts, please contact Coach Lacey. We have a limited number of sticks that can be used during tryouts).

- Goggles (If you are in need of goggles to use for tryouts, please contact Coach Lacey. We have a limited number of goggles that can be used during tryouts).

- Weather appropriate clothing be prepared for either indoor or outdoor practice. You may not be allowed to participate if you do not have appropriate clothing for the outside temperature. REMEMBER: Layers!

- Water bottle(s) it is suggested that athletes bring their own water bottle. We will provide a cooler to refill bottles.

Reversible pinnie if you do not have one, please bring a dark and light colored top. We do have some pinnies that are available for use.


Tryout Assessment:

The following is a list of the areas on which athletes will be evaluated during the tryout period.

Please keep in mind that it is not uncommon for girls to enter our program with little to no lacrosse experience. This is why coachability, attitude, and effort are also taken into account.

Stick work:

1. Left & Right Hand stick skills

a. Passing, catching, shooting, protection

**Stick work is evaluated throughout tryouts, it is important that players demonstrate their strong stick work throughout the whole tryout process**

Defensive Skillset:

1. 8 meter defensive footwork & contact/triangle defense (awareness of ball and man with stick up or on an angle) **Horizontal Stick Contact is ILLEGAL**

2. Loud and informative communication throughout defensive play

3. ”6th sense” (early slide anticipation for help or doubles)

4. Fifty-fifty (Ground Ball/Draw Competition Possession)

5. Ability to double the ball well in the defensive area and midfield

Attack Skillset:

1. Footwork & Shot Placement/Crease Roll

2. Off ball movement to create scoring opportunities for teammates

3. Midfield Transition (ability to quickly receive AND send leading passes up the field while on the move)


1. Timed 1 mile

2. Timed 40 Yard dash

**Fitness evaluation can also be impacted in any drill throughout tryouts. It is important that players give 100% throughout the tryout process**

Game Sense:

1. Doubling ball, causing a turnover as a team

2. Attack: creating space & opportunities, scoring

3. Scrimmages – Ability to stand out in a scrimmage environment

Coachability/ Attitude /Effort:

1. Coachability: Players should come to tryouts focused and open to receive instruction.

2. Attitude: Players should show up with a positive attitude, ready to work, and encourage others.

3. Effort: Players should display intensity throughout tryouts (players who go all out at tryouts will most likely do so at practice and in games)

Questions? Contact Coach Lacey -